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GreenTurn Group is a well-diversified business conglomerate having business engagement in the following areas:

1. GreenTurn Global Logistics Private Limited - (

State-of-the-art global freight management system primarily focuses on our core competency – skillfully handling each customer’s shipping requirements. Our shipment freight specialists can provide top-drawer freight rates beating the competition. With an excellent network of round-the-clock operators, we promise timely and cost effective transportation of goods to the desired destination.


2. GreenTurn C&W Energy Pvt Ltd – (

Solar PV Consultancy and EPC Company.

We design, develop and maintain solar PV power plants using premium quality components, and are specialists in rooftop PV installations. Founded by Ph.D.’s from IIT Bombay, we understand the right equipment for right climatic conditions and applications. We are making the world go solar, one roof at a time!


3. GreenTurn Idea Factory Private Limited - (

Helping Enterprises to Reduce Energy Spends Through Real Time Data Driven Insights.

Our IoT based non-intrusive, 'single point installation' product, Greeniee helps in detailed equipment level and time of the day analysis of the energy consumption of energy intensive businesses like industries and corporate offices. We help them reduce their energy wastage and save their energy bills up to 10% and also help them with preventive maintenance of their appliances.


4. C & W Hygiene Management Services Pvt. Ltd: (

Professionals in House Keeping and Cleaning:

We provide professionally trained manpower according to customer requirements and also the required tools, machines and cleaning chemicals on site specific basis.  We are specialized in façade cleaning and also have state of the art cleaning equipment like ultra-sonic cleaners for hospital instruments like endoscope catheters. 

5. Seamless Human Resource Pvt. Ltd: (

With unmatched experience in delivering excellent human resources solutions to clients from different business verticals and candidates looking for jobs, Seamless Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. (Approved by Govt of India) has become one of the most preferred human resource consultants in the industry.