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Management Team (Leadership)

The Company has in its fold, with highly skilled and experienced professionals including ground operations staff, documentation, customs clearance, and logistics professionals. With years of expertise in this domain, GreenTurn prides upon its highly qualified leadership.

The brief resumes of the Core Team are as follows:

Managing Director:

  • More than 4 decades of overall Industry experience.
  • Held senior positions in the different major business group in India.
  • Expertise in SCM (Supply Chain Management), Administration and Operations.
  • Expertise in the international Freight Forwarding trade.
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in Customs, Systems and Procedures.
  • Excellent inter-personal relationships with all business associates.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Director:.

Has more than 3 decades of result-oriented record and experience in the freight forwarding industry. Started career with a leading MNC Dedicated, professional approach and willingness to take up any challenges In-depth and vast knowledge in the field of freight forwarding and supply chain management.

Executive Director.

Has more than 3 decades of experience in managerial and key administrative roles in a top MNC like JWT. Specialized in HR, Customer Service, Strategic Planning and Administration. Also has added industry experience in a freight forwarding company in a leading position prior to joining our company and was responsible for key changes and complete overhaul to the company structure thereby contributing significantly to the profitability and efficiency.

Vice President | Strategic Planning & Operations.

Close to 3 decades of experience in the functional areas encompassing HR, Recruitments,Accounting, Costing, Marketing, Sales, Operations and, Customer Service. An established professional with proven competency in executing corporate values leading to a transformation of a passive workforce into a performance-based workforce; resulting in higher revenues. He possesses the leveraged experience and comprehensive knowledge to analyze, plan, and raise the bar higher than expected, demonstrating the true intrinsic value of optimized and well-planned operations management.